Nochy the Elf finally bloody arrives. Let’s just say his hot air balloon caught the wrong thermals….

So yesterday was the first day of advent and we were awoken early by our 3 year old. “Daddy?!!!Mummy?!!!” he shouted as loud as he could. “Be quiet or you’ll wake your little brother “ I fired back from the honking master bedroom, more worried katy would wake and tell me off for the smell of the room.

‘Can I have my chocolate yet? ‘ said our little boy with an amazing memory for the good things on offer In life.

“Is your sun up yet” I asked , knowing full well it was only half five and it wouldn’t be up till six .

“No but I can’t wait” said Henry and I caved pretty much immediately .

I’ll be honest , I know when it’s a waste of time and this was one of those moments.

At no stage was he going to back down and say “do you know what daddy ? , you’re right , I’ll go back to bed for another Half an hour and you go back to sleep pops”

So up I got up Tired Already from the night time shenanigans with the youngest , I pulled on my overly baggy slouchy trousers , or as we shall call them from now Dad slacks and a hoody and went into the living room. I’m currently at fat fighters with my wife, we’re trying to lose some weight and set a good example for the boys , in short I pay to be reminded how to eat well and then stick to it by the shame of a weigh in. Should I wish I can then sit in a room with a group of women for an hour and talk about how we can make syn free Ferrero roche and what our dream weight would be. The answer my weight in Cadbury’s giant buttons surprisingly isn’t recognized. Secretly I like the group after weigh in but let’s not bang on about that too much .

Any way back to the first day of advent and Unfortunately no one had broken in and nicked our 1960s axminster pub carpet and replaced it with some less offensive flooring , so I still managed to tread on a bit of rice cake that had camouflage itself into the vintage shag pile!

Henry immediately made a beeline for his advent train, we found the no1 draw And before I knew it he’d demolished his chocolate and we were sat snuggling watching Nella the princess night Whilst I made up some hard line bollocks about waiting for the sun to come up tomorrow or not getting his advent chocolate . He nodded in agreement whilst I can only imagine thinking ,Dad you’re softer than a marshmallow…. wrap up your hollow threats I can’t hear what nella is saying.

Now I’m. It sure if the older half of the Mitchell brothers knew.. (ooh sorry Mum I promised I wouldn’t use that comparison again. Zip it , it’s buried.) that the plan had been that our elf on the shelf would be in residence by now but a perfect storm of miscommunication ,timings, snow and a really frustrating Squash match meant we were a Day behind.

Henry doesn’t understand time or date so the chocolate in the train was enough to keep his mind off the fact he hadn’t got his elf yet.

Anyway Enoch jingle bells or ,nochy for short (we will go with nochy because inadvertently we gave our elf a name that people seem to only associate with a horrible figure from the past🙄)had been made by a friend and we managed to repeatedly mess up the elf exchange. He did however finally arrive mid afternoon yesterday and is now part of the family. Carefully watching the boys goings on and reporting back to Santa and setting up games ect through the night. This morning he’s reading to his mats from the North Pole until wilf body slams him out of that literary circle.

Henry seems taken by him and he helped us decorate the tree, this year Curtesy of my slightly batty wife and liberty stores liberating us of a considerably amount of cash we have a parrot on the top of the tree and not the traditional angel or star.

It actually looks pretty cool and the boys love it. We’re really set up for xmas now so bring , just keep eating the advent chocolates , wrapping the presents(buying them I guess would help) and busting out he Christmas tunes.

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