Over protective mother bans use of Mitchell brother comparison on light hearted daddy blog….

Phil and grant , the Mitchell brothers . Once one time unrivaled enforcers of Walford , London lotharios , landlords of the Queen Vic , owners of the archers and general leg breakers.

If you aren’t au fait with this set of brothers then , you’re either too young, congratulations and in which case you’re looking at these blokes thinking ‘Isn’t that the bloke off Ross Kemp on Gangs And the guy that got caught dogging?’ Correct on both counts. Or you’re from overseas and spent the ‘90s enjoying the out side life instead of being stuck inside watching Eastenders because it got dark at 5 And was always pissing down with rain.

Anyway these two were pretty famous as was their on screen Mum Peggy Mitchell or the ‘Duchess’ as her Frank used to call her(not the boys Dad BTW). It’s probably worth noting that I do not draw any comparisons between my current wife ,the mother of my Two boys and ‘The duchess’ , it really wouldn’t be worth my while or personal safety .

Anyway for a while now I’ve starts calling my boys the Mitchell brothers. Mainly because they are brothers , both a little rough at times and very much in charge of their own destiny. It’s a joke obviously, I teach them to be kind and thoughtful and as gentle as Possible but it doesn’t always get through to them. By no means do I want them to emulate the Mitchell brothers especially not the alcoholic dogging one , phil for those who are still interested .

In one of my earlier posts I may have referred to them as said brothers and that was the final straw. My wife has now officially requested that that term be dropped and I could tell from her tone that it wasn’t negotiable . So from this point the Mitchell brothers are dead….. long live the McNamara brothers! God help us.

Over and out .

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