The inevitable has happened. Mummy’s maternity leave ends!!

Whilst the candles are still smoking from little Wilfs 1st birthday and the dust is settling after our mock Christmas this weekend ,something a little important has been sneaking in under the radar…. the maternity countdown has reached its climax.

After 1 year , 12months, 52 weeks , 365days it’s overs and tomorrow my wife is going back to work, albeit only for a half day. But you can’t rush these things I’m told.

It’s a bittersweet moment and I’m sure mothers and fathers who have been in the same position will agree that each parent will have a slightly different take on the-situation. What we can agree on is that my wife has once again been a been and continues to be a fantastic mother and this time not just a little baby but his older brother at the same time . It’s been another learning curve in motherhood but she has managed it well and the boys continue to thrive mainly because of her dedication and love . Also having a legend of a Dad can only help🙄

esome carpet I know!

But all this said from daddy’s point of view i feel it’s a good thing. I’m reserving the jumping for joy until I’m out of site but from my eyes 2.5 days a week back at work means that the boys will get half their daily stimulation at nursery and the the other half at home with mummy.

Katy will regain some sanity back in a purely adult environment, whilst i won’t expect to hear anymore whining about not being able to eat or poo on her own as now she can now do both , even simultaneously if she so pleases at work (probably won’t need to hear about it if she does mind you) and she will be paid for the privilege .

Ah did someone say ‘paid’? Yes possibly the hardest part of maternity leave for us was the money, not so much to start with but when it tailed off to pretty much bugger all half way through it started to have an affect. It’s easily been our biggest trigger points for arguing and not always because we didn’t have any but mainly because we didn’t adjust our quality of living .

We still had holidays and eat out when we wanted, we kept the full sky package and continued to upgrade the house. What’s the problem ? Well I guess it’s the pressure it put on me. None of which I blame on katy. But being self employed I have ended up working a lot to keep us where we want to be and I know this isn’t A new phenomenon but it caused stress fractures in our relationship at times , along with our general sleep deprivation and from my perspective , this little bit of extra money will be great and give katy her independence back.

Im not sure there is a right or wrong decision about going back to work and if we adapted our lifestyle katy probably could stay at home , but I feel the boys will benefit as will katy from the socialization. As will our heating bills…. I’m joking ….. I think.

So that’s it , a cold November morning in 2017 and we will be up early getting the boys to where they need to be , wiping a few tears away of joy and sadness and starting the next chapter of parenthood …. both working 😬

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