The Christmas Day rehearsal results are in……..

C1379E90-4FFE-4821-815A-F4B73229471CMy beautiful in-laws each year around the end of November throw an advent dinner. It’s a mixture of thanksgiving and a religious dinner(albeit with no hint of religion bar name)

The prince of the family ,my brother in law returns home from London ,as does the youngest sibling , whilst our local branch of the family ,my wife’s other sister , her husband and their two boys aged 9 and 2 come and my rabble complete the group.


We eat a big dinner , dress the Xmas tree, give little gifts and play games.
I always view it as a leveler for Christmas Day. We can use the experience to pre gauge how mental the day and mainly how fucking crazy our kids will be.


Well it’s 8 pm and quiet has finally blanketed the house. All kids have gone or are asleep.
The meal was beautiful and ,well , the kids all kicked off at different times , mine saved it till late on when the day had finally caught up with them. It’s hard work trying to remember that these are the days I will Miss the most when they are older…. but the noise…. the noise was so loud and relentless .

I once again am turning to rum tonight. I thank you havana club, you have saved
Me. Back to the grind tomorrow but not until after I’ve spent the Night hiding from my youngest who’s in a travel cot in our room!


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