Sleep terroroists tag team.

9BA98158-33B0-4C61-9B23-205E113F543A.jpegThe first sign of trouble was at 2230 as I took off my over sized slouchy pants and headed to the marital sleeping quarters.

The bedroom is now really a very single functioning room….. for sleep only. My darling wife and I love each other still dearly but these little sleep terrorists Have put a current stop to any active love life , we’ll pick it back up when we’re in our 50s and leave the door open to punish our then teenage monsters .

Anyway where was I? That’s right, I was stripping down , slowly,  revealing a once chiseled (that’s a lie) physique , now more resembling a slightly deflated balloon when the 1 yrs old started to stir, bugger we’re on …. I’ll feed him some milk that may work… but by the time the milk is ready the sqwarking has awoken the terror ringleader 3 year old. Now we’re on.

Through the night when one was asleep the other wasn’t, it was trench warfare . I deployed every act of depomacy in my armour. Kind Daddy, sensitive Daddy, cuddly Daddy, Angry daddy…. lose my shit because I have to be at work in 2 hours Daddy.

But they Cared little . Believe what you like these boys are in control. Send super Nanny over and they’ll break her in days.

Its hard not to admire their will power and tactics but then it’s hard to do anything really on three hours sleep!

Anyway the battle goes into  another night tonight and I’ll be ready. But probably not ready enough.

Destroyed Dad.

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