Caught between a Rum and a hard place


Friday night and the Mitchell brothers are recharging their bodies for another full on assault on mother and father tomorrow.

I’ve just had my pants pulled down in a Squash match that did nothing to make me feel better about myself, dinner was pesto pasta(rock star) and now the mental battle begins.

I’ve always loved a drink and weekends were normally the time I loved them the most , even since the boys have been on the scene I still enjoyed a beer and wine regularly and happily.

But recently I’ve been trying to lose a bit of timber and beer and wine allegedly is frowned upon at fat fighters….. rum however isn’t deemed as bad!

I first fell in love with rum whilst spending a month traveling Cuba. We travelled east to west ,north to south. On foot, bus , illegal taxis and flat bed trucks. We immersed ourselves in Cuban life at a time when Fidel Castro was still very much in power. When spending time with Cubans In Their homes we sampled many different rums, rarely the expensive variety and normally white. But I fell in love with it in various different forms, weather it be Cuban libre ( rum and coke) mojitos or just straight down the hatch. I enjoyed its taste and versatility.


When back in the capital Havana we decided we had to take the Havana club factory tour and that’s when my obsession really hit. It’s range of rums from the 3 year aged white , mixed anejo especial , 7year aged and upwards really took my taste buds to a great place.
Now 11 Years on I have a plan to own various different rums from Cuba to japan , Australia to Antigua .

It’s been pointed out that it’s just as bad as train spotting, rum collecting could be deemed a little sad but I do intend to drink them. I’ll probably tell you about that when it happens too!

But tonight as the pounds drop off , even the ‘good ‘ rum and Diet Coke really should be left on the shelf, the kids won’t sleep through and will be up at 530, I’ve got work in the morning, weigh In At fat fighters is on Tuesday…… bugger it I’m going to have one, a 7 year old Havana club . It’s taste will instantly take me back to the streets of the Cuban capital, or the hut we camped in half way up torquino peak in the Sierra maestra , it will remind me of easier times , but not better , it’s an escape from a more tired life but one which is far richer…. although someone remind me of that in the early hours of the morning .
Have a great weekend people .


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